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MyFitnessPal - today is the most effective calorie counter to existing on the Android platform. You have decided to fight obesity? That'S Great. This application will help you keep track of your diet. Combining exercise with the diet, you will achieve positive results.

In the application recorded over three million names of products, and it is unlikely you will find a product which is not included in the application. Besides calories contained in the food, the program takes into account the exercise, the exercise that you perform.

Nearly 50 million downloads on the android application only and that a tremendous amount of positive reviews of people who have used them, are a testament to his unconditional efficiency. The fact that for the application does not have to pay, it is another advantage.

Key Features and Benefits Application MyFitnessPal:

· A very wide range of products made

· User interface built under

· Synchronization with the site

· The ability to use your account on your PC in a regular browser

· Watch the achievements of others and share their results

· The ability to create a set of exercises and a personalized diet

· Annex contains statistics, analysis of which will help build important dependencies

· To determine the product provides barcode scanner

· Great number (about 400), effective exercise

· The opportunity to keep a record of approaches, weight and results

· The opportunity to make recommendations to physicians, including a nutritionist, and follow them with the help of the application

Negative application properties MyFitnessPal:

· Someone does not like the mandatory registration

· The application is not yet able to calculate the power lost during exercise calories

Summary: If you have seriously decided to do themselves and their health - this app is simply irreplaceable for you, in any case, download and check out my words, you can absolutely free!


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