Breakfasts Lite


Breakfasts Lite - Android app on wonderful that will delight you taste good breakfasts. Here are the wonderful recipes nutrients, and at the same time light, vegetable and fruit, with some bread, with curds, with berries

breakfasts. Treat yourself and your family, and let the morning is good.

An incredible amount of cooking method, even the same banal eggs. For example, Poached egg, eggs "Benedict", scrambled eggs and eggs, omelette, frittata, an egg sandwich, etc. Only variety, a lot of recipes, lots of great ideas. Only the perfect mood of good and useful power.

Awesome energy for

the whole day! Stunning traditional recipes already cereals including
sweet milk porridge, warm salad
couscous, polenta
sausages and
vegetables. Well, if your kids do not want breakfast, you can surprise them lovely and fun sandwiches
"Picture", berry salad or dumplings with
apricot. And believe me, your kids will be satisfied.

The application is more than 80 recipes for good mood. Lovely and bright illustrations, step by step instructions on preparation and good advice of experienced hostesses. Importantly, the selection of food is so that you will not lose a single minute in the morning in vain, and your loved ones were happy and well fed. Great assistant always at your fingertips.

Breakfasts Lite has features:
1. excellent performance already accustomed original dishes
2. useful and simple
3. a variety of flavors
4. important secrets of the masters: the right porridge, vitamin salads.

Enjoy your meal!

Download Breakfasts Lite apk Free 3.28 MB version 1.0

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