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Everyone knows that the Great Festival just around the corner, a wonderful Easter holiday, which we are waiting for April 20. Maybe someone - he does not know that according to ancient tradition, Jesus Christ after His resurrection, came to the apostles during their meals, and the middle seat is not always remained busy in the middle of the table lay intended him bread.,

Over time, and in the tradition of the Sunday holiday leave bread in the temple. Importantly, the bread was left on a special a special table, as did the apostles. Bread should be consecrated in the temple at the end of each night Easter Liturgy. Throughout Bright Week artos was surrounded during processions around the temple, and on Saturday after the blessing distributed to the faithful. Since the family is a small church, then gradually the custom of having your artos. Thus began cake - a tall, cylindrical shape, bread pastry. Having during the Passover meal on the table cake, we hope that in our house invisibly present the risen Lord.

riyatnogo appetit!

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