Classic Postcard Creator


Postcards creator - Meet incredible app on Android. Postcard reator program will surprise you and your family. Awesome program that will allow you to feel like an artist, giving you the opportunity to create beautiful

stylized antique greeting cards. It is important to note that these pictures you can send
via the Internet.

In order to create such a card, you will need a little of your time. Just a few clicks and wonderful stylish card ready.

Unable to argue with the fact that the program Postcard creator, can become quite an original way congratulations

It saint Ba
Happy birthday, and even,
recognition in

Need to work with the program as follows:
1. select the desired template
2. change the background color
3. add items and to erase them, drag it below the control panel
4. congratulatory email or text with a declaration of love

5. preliminary look at the resulting masterpiece

6. and a most enjoyable time, we will send to the recipient.

Happy Holidays! Love you!


Download Classic Postcard Creator apk Free 6.14 MB version

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