Tickets SDA 2013 (Russia)


Tickets SDA 2013 (Russia) - excellent application directory of the Android, which provided tickets SDA 2013 (Russia). The application contains questions, answers, the correct answers, comments. A handy feature is that much of the ticket has a picture and comments with icons of road signs. It is important to note that the app is only a guide that does not include tests and other things. This guide works offline, and for his work an application does not need to be connected to the Internet.

Excellent database, which weighs more than 10 MB to boot when you first use, so use wi-fi connection.

Tickets SDA 2013 (Russia) has the features:

1. Each and every article that you view, save in the history of

2. thanks button "asterisk", will be able to send messages an article that you need

3. Self-managed lists of favorite stories and editing them or cleaning

4. choice of settings will help you to change the font and theme

5. widget "Random page of the day"

This application contains a bit of advertising.

Check and attach your knowledge!

Download Tickets SDA 2013 (Russia) apk Free 2.78 MB version 1.0

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