How to tie a tie - 3D


How to Tie a Tie 3D - Meet the incredible app for Android with the instructions for tying neckties in several ways. Stunning 3D animated instructions for tying a tie.

A tie is an integral part of the wardrobe of the business man, but admit many of us do not even represent how to tie it. The application is dedicated to those who are tying the tie is not experiencing pleasant emotions, the application makes a difference, now you from tying a tie will have fun.

Many ways to knot a tie for a variety of activities, narrow or wide knot, large or small, symmetrical or asymmetrical. Each node has its own description and get acquainted with their shape, size, learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Sufficiently clear instructions, and very convenient, because it is animated. Be careful, watching the animation, just copy step by step. It is important to note that the animation of each movement can be repeated, so that probably will not make a mistake, there are also text tips. Use your time efficiently and nerves. Classical number of nodes for a tie at hand on your mobile device, be creative and stylish.

To your attention the following components:

1. Node "Windsor"

2. Node "Poluvindzor"

3. Simple assembly

4. Node "Pratt"

5. East knot

6. Node "Plattsburgh"

7. Node "Cavendish"

8. Node "Kelvin"

9. Node "St. Andrew"

10. Node "Victoria"

11. Hanover knot

12. Node for the bow tie

Good luck and stay stylish and unique.

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