Top stories of the World


Top stories of the World - completely free of charge awesome collection of fairy tales for Android. This collection represents the following tales of the world:

SLEEPING KPASATSA, Donkey skin, Maria Morevna, Kuzma and foxes, Puss in Boots, The Frog Princess, Thumbelina THREE ORANGE, GREEN SNAKE, FLINT, GENERAL FANTA-GYRO, Cinderella, Little Longnose, instrumentation, ENCHANTED CAT, GRACE AND DEREK, Princess Snake, Urashima and turtles Olkhova lumps, daughter-in-law, WILD SWANS, MAGIC RING, AND HANS tabby cat, RED RIDING HOOD, FAIRY AND BOILER, WHITE DEER, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, gold and silver sapling saplings Silver Hoof , PRINCESS-CAT, COLA-FISH, forelock-RICKY, SEVEN PRINCES-Voronov, WOODEN EAGLE, BLUE tuft ROYAL BARAN, PRINCE AND DAUGHTER GIANT, BRITE, ADORABLE DEER AND THE CAT, CLEAR Zarya with the golden hair, FINIST - BRIGHT FALCON, MAGIC, BLUE CANDLE, CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN LITTLE COCK AND GOLD COIN, santur and Anthurium, SON OF KING OF FRANCE AND BEAUTY Joan, famously one-eyed man, a brave young man, conceited MOUSE, a princess who dreamed of a crown from DEW, LOD, a farmer's son, WONDERFUL GRAIN , beauty Nastya, white dove, MERMAID, THE QUEEN OF SPIRITS AND THE SERPENT KING FALCON, SOLNTSEVA WITCH AND SISTER, BLACK HORSE, BLACK BULL NORROUEYSKY, Matteo and MARIUCHCHA, Masha and the Bear, Rapunzel, THREE TSAREVICH, MYSTERY flora NIGHT GOOD HELPER mistresses TURTLE, APE and banana trees SSIPATL AND LORD OF SEA SERPENT KING-THE WIND AND THE PRINCESS, THE MAGIC TREE, AND THREE GOAT GRAPH evil trolls, crystal bridge, is proud of BAT, the one with nail PRINCESS AND LARGE, NEW SUIT, three little pigs, well done with the star on her forehead Horned AND HORSE, THE GIANT THAT snakeskin sapling GOLDEN GIRL GIANT OX AND THREE GIRLS, humpback princess, woman, made from lime, Princess and the Pea, THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, CHILDREN governor, three wishes, Jack and beans STEM, FORTY brothers and their sister, SNOW WHITE AND ALOTSVETIK, princess and daughter of the Sun, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, prince with donkey ears, princess-DRAGON, CIGNA AND PRINCE lines, PRINCE-RABBIT LITTLE, blacks, Zambia, pupae in the grass, HEN AND KING, boys and Needles, The Witch of Fife, GIRL BEZRUCHKO, an enchanted princess, COCK AND HEN, THE BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS ALAMARAY, Egle, fly that was in school GARPALIONU - LORD OF LIONS, CAT'S KING, FEI Merlin CLIFFS, IVAN-hero, JOSE AND THE PRINCESS, THE KNIGHT-ELF, BRIDE-MOUSE AND Jorinde YORINGEL, daughter of the Earl MARA, Mazin BRAVE AND WITCH, THE MAGIC PUMPKIN, SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, THE CITY Navobod, ANAHIT, CHILDREN OF KING EYLPA, BEAUTIFUL Rosalind MOREG AND WATER HORSE, ODP THERE - DO NOT KNOW WHERE, bring it - I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE PAGE AND SILVER CUP, Aladdin and the magic lamp, UNCLE Dolgonosov, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, the daughter of the Sea King, Giant DREGLIN HOGIN, Tale of multicolored fish, three dogs, HEDGEHOG AND THE BEAR, handsome jars were magic box SCHASTLIVKA And NESCHASTLIVKA, an evil wizard, FIVE golden fruit, little fairy, LITTLE LIZA THE KING AND BEAUTY, baby Matt and ROI.

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