Talking Obama 2


Talking Obama 2 - triumphant return of favorite characters on Android. Meet, his person, U.S. President Barack Obama with a stunning and absolutely unprecedented set of jokes and humor. Economy in recession? Do not worry, the president of the United States with genuine joy will be able to pick it up, and if it fails, just step aside. Did you overhear? No way in the United States that is not possible! But not only Barack Obama will appreciate his presence, but many other celebrities who have been in your party. Not tomites, faster, and download the most excellent and fun toy, and have fun.

Opportunities offered:

- Democracy has come to your mobile device - Barack Obama returned

- A stunning and completely new animations, new jokes

- A stunning costumes and fun dancing.

Have fun!

Download Talking Obama 2 apk Free 25.28 MB version 1.3

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