Talking Ben the Dog Free


Talking Ben the Dog Free - sweet, able to speak dog named Ben on Android! Ben is not just a dog, it's a chemistry professor, loving harmony - a quiet life, loves to sit in his chair, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper. If you like, so he turned his attention to you, to distract him from the newspaper and then, the world of communication with the professor of chemistry is open for you. You can tickle him, talk to him, even on the phone. Be able to please him when you take him to the lab, then he will be satisfied and happy as a little puppy. A great opportunity to try out as a chemist, mix the substance of the test tubes and watch the magic of chemical reactions. Divide such joy together with Ben. Also a great opportunity to record funny video clips of phone conversations with the professor and send this video to your friends.

Talking Ben the Dog Free is able to:

- You can make so that your character was reading a newspaper;

- Get the pleasure of communicating with Ben, he is able to repeat the phrase;

- You can poke a little dog in the belly, legs, face;

- Try to tickle his tummy Ben;

- Tap on the picture that hangs on the wall;

- Talk on the phone with Ben;

- Can record your telephone conversation;

- Or feed the NAPO Ben;

- Ben loves his laboratory, send it back;

- Conduct chemical experiments, mix the tubes in the laboratory;

- You can share videos with your friends.


Download Talking Ben the Dog Free apk Free 37.94 MB version 2.0.1

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