Ginger's Birthday


Ginger's Birthday - a stunning Ginger talking on Android, whose birthday - he was 5. You are invited to a chic birthday with great games, goodies, and most importantly with a happy little kitten. Welcome to the feast!

Your choice represented a variety of goodies in order to entertain and please the Ryzhik his tummy. Take the gala whistle and blow with full force. And most importantly - a solemn cake. But our little Ginger, to help him blow out a small but nasty candles.

When you do everything right, then you will be new pieces of the puzzle with the memories Ryzhik birthday. Here are 40 of these wonderful puzzles, but there will be more, do not wait, hurry.

Rules of the game:

- Talk to Sandy, and he answered.

- Great hero reaction to your touch.

- Help blow out the candles on a birthday cake.

- Treat Ryzhik goodies.

- With all the power in the ceremonial whistle whistle.

- By pressing the 'Puzzle' you can see all the collected images.

- An interesting feature Jigsaw again after having scattered them.

- Eat with Ryzhik clicking the "Feed the".

Ability to get snacks:

- A good opportunity to once every 24 hours to turn the Wheel of Fortune.

- Do not forget to feed the pet, you can sign up for a reminder about feeding and get a free appetizer (push-notification).

- Can use the video or choose another method of getting free goodies.

- You can make a purchase within the application itself, apart from No limit for the supply of snacks and had no problems.


Download Ginger's Birthday apk Free 33.66 MB version 1.1.1

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