Rangefinder: Smart Measure


Rangefinder: Smart Measure - interesting and necessary application for Android, which will allow you to measure the distance, height, and width of the area of the object phone using all the known laws of trigonometry. It should be noted that the multi-million dollar public had for this application - the soul.

Aim at the subject and press the shutter button. It should be noted that a more accurate measurement, it is necessary to aim the camera at the base of the object. For example, to measure the distance to a vehicle, it is necessary to aim at its wheel.

You are given instructions to the program or use the same certificate on the main page. The application supports a lot of languages.

There is a built-in helper, a manual calibration for more accurate results. It should be noted that the work of the sensors in a mobile device, will depend on the version of the OS, firmware and battery status.

Rangefinder: Smart Measure has additional capacity Pro-version, as follows:

- Measure the area and the width of the selected object

- Gate fast and quiet

- Portrait mode

- Zoom camera

- The virtual horizon.



Download Rangefinder: Smart Measure apk Free 1.26 MB version 1.5.4

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