Rangefinder 2 - Smart Distance


Rangefinder 2 - Smart Distance - an excellent and more advanced version of the meter distances of a series of Smart Tools for Android. Wonderful rangefinder can measure distance, while using the camera perspective.

The most accurate distance that you will be able to measure - from 10 m to 1 km. To measure the distance, you need to know the height of the target. Worry about it is not necessary, for example, the growth of human approximately1, 7m height of the flag golf 2.1 m bus - 3,2 m, doors - 2 pm So, if you do not know the height of the desired object, then it is possible to estimate.

In use, the application is convenient and easy. To do this, you must enter the height of the target and click on the mobile device screen. Selected and aligned in two rows purpose, and will give you a measured distance.

There are several ways to measure the distance:

1. Smart Ruler measure short distance, touch - from 1 to 50 cm

2. Smart Measure will measure the average distance, the methods of trigonometry - from 1 to 50 m

3. Smart Distance measuring long distances, evaluation perspectives - from 10 m up to 1 km

Also present additional features Pro-version:

1. You can measure the distance across the width of the target

2. is measuring the velocity

3. there are arrows scroll

4. Zoom Camera

5. a great feature - the lack of advertising

To get even more functions from the application, then use the [Smart Distance Pro] and [Smart Tools] package!



Download Rangefinder 2 - Smart Distance apk Free 1004 KB version 1.3

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