Yandeks.Muzyka - meet the perfect, versatile player for real music lovers who will be able to organize your music collection on Android. An excellent opportunity to listen to your favorite music from the library of your mobile device, the ever-growing catalog of Yandeks.Muzyka, which includes millions of tracks to suit all tastes. Also play your music from Yandex.Disk.

Unique opportunity Yandeks.Muzyka:

- Absolutely free Radio mode, selecting music by genre;

- Able to play tracks from a catalog Yandeks.Muzyka, libraries and mobile devices with Yandex.Disk;

- Able to work offline - mode, and you can save to your phone absolutely any song and listen without having to connect to the Internet;

- There is an intelligent search;

- Able to recognize the song that sounds at the moment and find it in the directory Yandeks.Muzyka.

Completely free Yandeks.Muzyka allows you to enjoy listening to the radio, files from the library of the mobile device with the files of Yandex.Disk, recognize and search music, make playlists. Yandeks.Muzyka catalog, offline - mode, and other features are available without restrictions after subscription, which costs if you pay through the app is 199 rubles a month. New users Yandeks.Muzyka - first month free when you subscribe. Monthly subscription renewal is automatically adjusted. Detailed conditions - on #! / Payments


Download Yandex.Music apk Free 17.07 MB version 1.30

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