Wave Alarm


Wave Alarm - Great magic alarm clock, which is controlled by the movement. This is not just an app - an alarm clock, it's something totally new and unique. In the function of such a wonderful alarm clock is exactly position control, there is a whole new method of waking up in the morning. With this feature, you do not even need to touch the phone to enable it to snooze or else drown it out. This requires a little: wave your hand to him, and all the signal shut up!

Do not look for the phone in the dark to turn off the alarm, small and simple gesture

Magic alarm clock is switched off or switched on repeat!

Magic wake
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application that will change your morning and make it good.

The ability to control and motion detection will allow you to avoid touching the alarm clock in the morning turn off the alarm or turn on repeat - just wave your hand over the phone when there is a signal, and the Magic alarm clock will automatically switch to the mode you want!

In addition to all features complemented by a magical clock:
- A remarkable modern interface with analog and digital functions
- In

Real-time is n

- Ability to adjust the brightness

- Different, beautiful new sounds for your choice
-Select your favorite music from your library
- In order that you would not have slept through the background signals, and you will no longer return to the usual applications to Service!

ed a front camera
A motion control.


Download Wave Alarm apk Free 20.03 MB version 2.0

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