HDR FX Photo Editor


HDR FX Photo Editor - an application for the Android platform that will allow to give your images greater than 50 HDR effects, very close to this, some photos have made ​​a professional camera. By choosing the correct settings, you can get excellent results.

This application offers a set of photo editing tools. It supports the effect of black and white photos, which looks very impressive, but it can be achieved with just a few touches, as well as the option sepia. It is possible to change the settings curves of color photos. By setting the curve Witt HDR Fx changes can be made for each channel and adjust the curve range of channels directly. The application also offers a range of frames.

In order to get their own changes, apply effects, and modify the settings. This version of the application allows you to achieve the result of full extension and crop the image, and remove the advertisement. New textures help make the image more effectively.

The basic properties of the application HDR FX Photo Editor:

- An opportunity to get more than 50 HDR effects

- The ability to control the terms of HDR
the ability to professionally edit curves options - red, green, blue

- The opportunity to get 17 new overhead layers

- Support functions: cropping the image, adjust the haze by combining, gamma correction, adjustment of levels, contrast, brightness

- The result of an impressive black-and-white image

- Sepia image

- The ability to impose a framework and set boundaries photos

- The ability to use filters - vignettes, alignment tools, tools rotation horizontally or vertically

- Support for unlimited number of combinations of adjustment

- The ability to display images on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.


Download HDR FX Photo Editor apk Free 23.68 MB version 1.6.9

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