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Netflix - your own online cinema on the Android mobile device and your computer. According to Google's and the developers of Netflix, Inc., this app is a world leader in the number of subscriptions to view movies. For a small monthly fee, guarantees you membership in the community of users, you get a No limit access to view movies and TV shows from any device, and at once there is no need to subscribe, since each new user is given the so-called trial month.

Only after a trial month you can subscribe if you enjoy repertoire, quality, function, and if you do not like - just delete. Today the application are already forty million customers worldwide, and this figure continues to grow.

Netflix app has been operating since 1997 and is supported by different operating systems, so you can install it on the android, and on the PC and on consoles last two generations under the system iOS, Mac OS, Smart TV.

The main characteristics and advantages of the application Netflix:

· Unlimited anytime access to movies and TV shows for a nominal monthly fee

· Regular replenishment

· The application is compatible and supports a wide variety of devices

· A well-organized search

· Series and films distributed on the ratings, so it's easy to satisfy your taste

· Data is stored in your account, allowing you to start watching on one device at the other end the

Negative application properties Netflix:

· Paid Membership

· For some countries, there are some difficulties with access to the application

Summary: cool application! Think for yourself, your favorite movie or TV series in your pocket and is available at any time


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