Lomo Camera


Lomo Camera - incredible app for Android, which can decorate your photos and make them original. Stunning 12 filters, based on the real.

This application has features:

1. Lomo Camera, can take photos in lomo. Function such as vignetting and processing of opportunity will open for you to feel that you are using this lomo camera.

2. Old camera, enables you to experience the charm of low contrast, scratches ridiculous that extravagantly remind you photos of your grandparents were young.

3. Underwater camera, the world will open for you the amazing underwater world of art and underwater photography.

4. Square chamber in the popular format of the "square", which allows you to capture square.

5. Tilt Shift. Able to do so that large objects will look like small. Importantly, the better effect you can be milked if the picture is taken with a high enough point.
6. Fish Eye, shooting angle close to 180 degrees.

7. can make 4 frame, and your camera will be able to connect them together in a single composition.

8. Supersampler, can glue pictures vertically.
9. Multiple exposures can make 2 frames in a row and mix them.

It is important to note that is for each camera has 12 effects, namely: Cross process, Push process, Black White, Old Photo, Vintage, Sepia, Rusty, wrinkled paper, Postcard, Dream, Film.
Enjoy all the cameras and effects for free.


Download Lomo Camera apk Free 22.98 MB version 3.7

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