Laserbreak 2


Laserbreak 2 - extraordinary, so very exciting second part of the game for the android platform, made ​​in the genre of puzzle. It should be noted that the first part, in spite of a few paid options, gained considerable popularity, which is estimated at almost 5 million downloads. The second part, which has no fundamental differences, free of charge, although it has a small Donat.

The games are based on the laws of optics, so their knowledge and ingenuity you will be very useful for solving problems and controlling the laser beam, the ability to reflect and burn. At each level, which can be played in any order, you will need to burn the laser red square, and both laser and square recorded in certain widely separated locations. To reach the goal and get the beam at the target, it is necessary to strain your gray matter. Useful for solving the problem of the items will be scattered on the level. There are several ways of passage level, some of them will get three stars.

The main properties of the game Laserbreak 2:

- The gameplay up to 30 levels

- Levels can be passed without Donato

- There are bonus levels

- Beautiful design in a nice graph

- There are no specific requirements for the resolution of the device

- Support for nine languages

- A daily supplement levels

Negative properties Laserbreak Game 2:

- The presence of Donati

- May seem too simple

Summary: An excellent puzzle game, especially for those who are interested in physics in general, and its optics division.


Download Laserbreak 2 apk Free 32.52 MB version 1.05

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