Missing Translation

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Missing Translation - a kind of game for the Android platform from the Spanish developer GamesBoosters, first, by the way free, the game is called 12 Grapes not downloaded more than 500 people. The new game developers Missing Translation appreciated nearly 3 dollars. The originality of the game give to many factors: a strange story; Quest puzzles; pixel graphics; black and white design.

In the story, a cube took the main character and moved to some incomprehensible world, and your job is to get him back home, which is quite difficult to do, because the main character and he does not understand. At the same time, the solution of how to get out of that strange place in which your main character has appeared, on the surface - you just need to collect four dice into one. It is no secret, and the location of these cubes, the problem is how to reach them. To do this, you must solve a lot of meaningless and logic puzzles of different difficulty levels. Perhaps this is the main feature of the game.

The game is pleasantly decorated in pixel art, with wonderful music and sound. In the strange world you visit, there are local people who have their life stories, and with whom one could talk, but they do not speak your language, in that you need to create a language to understand.

Key features of the game Missing Translation:

- An impressive black-and-white decoration in the style of Pixel Art

- The study of a large metropolis

- Over a hundred of original puzzles

- The ability to create their own language

- A pleasant sound and music

Negative characteristics of the game Missing Translation:

- For the game you need to pay about three dollars

- No demo

- There is no translation in many languages

Summary: an exciting game in the style successfully combined the quest and puzzle, but at the same time, the game is very peculiar because of its payment, and especially because of the lack of logic in the actions taking place.


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