Traffic Conductor


Traffic Conductor - simple, but a very interesting game from the developers of Android, which will require you to care, because it is necessary to regulate the traffic. Developers have experience creating games, traffic-related, but they are related to pedestrians at traffic lights, parking. Let's see what they offer at this time.

The target audience for this game are mostly children, because adults, of course, a game like this, but seem boring. Gameplay is organized in such a way that road with car traffic - a level, the complexity of which is determined by the number of lanes on the road, each of which is labeled with a number. The easiest level - a two-lane traffic in one direction and the same in the other, and everything will be just the movement did not even require your intervention. As the number of road becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of everything that happens on the road.

Points are awarded to be honest. The calculation is very simple: the car was sent correctly - you get 30 game coins, did not see the situation, and the car went not to his band - you have to write off 30 game coins.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Traffic Conductor:

· Four difficulty levels, corresponding to the four sets of strips

· Seven game modes

· A large variety of cars

· Colorful graphics that will appeal to both adults and children

· Music, pleasing the ear

· Lack of Donata

· For the game did not have to pay

Summary: The game has not yet reached the peak of its popularity, but in spite of this you need to recognize that a very decent product, especially for children.


Download Traffic Conductor apk Free 40.67 MB version 1.0

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