Vincents Dream


Vincents Dream - a new puzzle game for Android from the developer Christian Greitmann about sleepwalking. Games on this topic already on the market, so it is something to compare. Somewhere in September we discussed an incredible game with great graphics and fun activities Back to Bed with what is happening in a surreal world. The game was paid, but worth it. Vincents Dream - also paid (though only 50 cents) game. Let's see whether it is worth it in order to pay for it.

Get ready for the fact that no brainstorming you can not do, because the first level, they are trained, are not very complicated, but then ... yes you will understand that the brain involved and earned its fullest.

Your character, which you will manage - charming monster Vincent, who suffers from sleepwalking, and every night wandering in a dream. Your task is to conduct Vincent back to the bed, carefully avoiding obstacles and avoiding dangers. Along the way, you need to collect as many cups. If you continue to play for a certain number of cups you will unlock the next twenty levels of the game.

The main properties of the game Vincents Dream:

· Charging good for the gray matter

· Suitable for adults and children

· Outstanding graphics

· Smooth animation (engine Unity)

· More than forty levels to begin with, and then you can open the following

· Contains challenging and interesting tasks

· Comfortable and simple operation

· Music is good to hear

Negative characteristics of the game Vincents Dream:

· For the game you need to pay 50 cents

· Need to put a lot of effort to open more levels

Summary: a good puzzle, which, no doubt, worth the money, which asked for it.


Download Vincents Dream apk Free 44.76 MB version 1.5

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