Geometric Puzzle. Mad Doc - Logic Puzzle


Logic puzzles on Android - the market of computer entertainment has a number of puzzles, it is difficult to imagine what new can come up with. It turns out you can. Try to figure out the proposed new build with a ruler and compass! Developers managed to bring some novelty to the genre and come up with a very challenging puzzle game. All fans of this genre, this game is recommended!

You are well studied or are studying at school? What marks in geometry? After all, without the knowledge of the subject you are unlikely to succeed in this task. Engineers will probably be the easiest. It is necessary to try and remember the lessons of geometry.

Include brains and imagination, develop spatial thinking, and the doctor will help you with their tips. The doctor has a dream - foot horse, build it - this is the main Your goal in this game.

Main features and advantages of logic puzzles:

· Puzzle, a new one

· Quite suitable for children

· Almost thirty different jobs

· Secrets that are hard to find

• Large range of tools

· Fantasize, because every problem can be solved in several ways

· Doctor Gives Tips

· Absolutely free game - there are no offers to buy something, there is no Donat

Negative properties games Puzzle Puzzle:

· There is advertising

Summary: a great opportunity to smash his head, especially lovers of drawings and creative imagination.

Download Geometric Puzzle. Mad Doc - Logic Puzzle apk Free 13.31 MB version 1.0.15

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