Galaxy Clicker


Galaxy Clicker - addictive game for Android, in which you will travel the galaxy, capturing civilization. Great military toy, in which you have to build up its military space fleet in order to conquer the whole galaxy. Take your time and step by step, you'll increase the army, amassing resources for your army became invincible. Eliminate your enemies with confidence and confidently go to the goal.

Galaxy Clicker has features:

- A fascinating and exciting atmosphere of space and space battles

- A huge number of explosions, lasers and antimatter

- Endless war battle

- Have the opportunity to purchase 30 unique ships

- Capture of the planet, which will give more power

- The set of all studies that allow you to improve the arsenal

- There is craft, which will allow you to collect special guns, bombs

- Military battles will occur when you are offline

- You will be able to find a premium version that allows to capture more planets and more research

It may be noted pluses: fairly simple and convenient operation; great exciting and fascinating story; the game does not require of
You have a lot of time, because there is an opportunity to go into it a few times a day, continuing development; totally free to play and does not require additional investments.

There are minor cons: sometimes a difficult interface, there is a lack of resources, the graphics are not always able to please.

So, if you are a lover of the genre clicker, this game is an example of an honest developer, with their pluses and minuses. We can safely recommend to download and try.


Download Galaxy Clicker apk Free 20.86 MB version 1.99

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