Fruited Xmas


Fruited Xmas - great Christmas version for Android. Good puzzle game in which you must eliminate fruit,

vegetables and
berries, combining them at least three things in a row. It can be horizontal, vertical and.

You can get help from wonderful squirrels,
that with a big appetite will eat them whole
rows and funny about
bezyanki be able to eat even whole squares
three for
three. Without complications will not do as
Worms and
stones, constantly hinder your process, making it difficult to move
infected objects. To overcome them, they need to build
so that the infected fruit, vegetable or berry hit the
three with
similar, whereupon
worms disappear and
Stones crumble.

Your every move should have a positive result, each move is to build three of the same vegetable, fruit or berries. If this does not happen, your move will be canceled, and should note that the course you are given
seconds. If you do not have time, then you have lost
lose a life. Lives of all three

Good luck to you the game.

Download Fruited Xmas apk Free 6.37 MB version 1.1.2

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