Where's My Perry? Free


Where's My Perry? Free - incredible puzzle on Android with a gripping storyline. "Where's Perry?" Will give you a vivid emotions and unforgettable experience, because every drop of water weight in gold.

Addictive logic puzzle game from the creators of "crocodile Swamp" and studio DISNEY! The free version allows you to go through 12 incredible levels that will leave lasting impressions.

"Where's Perry?" Great application with excellent real-world physics, because to solve the tasks, it is necessary to use water in various states of aggregation. Convenient management game, colorful graphics, incredible story in the style spy thriller, and most importantly - lasers. Try world spyware agents.

Totally free pass 12 levels, "Where is Perry?" And would be a bonus secret level with the participation of the ball, if you can find it.

Great gameplay without advertising, a great amount of puzzles.

Everyone's favorite hero of the platypus Perry beloved cartoon "Phineas and Ferb" is not just a platypus, but a real spy agent. Natatorial spy Perry as Agent Y, which is to save the world. Agent Perry summoned to the headquarters for a conversation with Major Monogram, but the hero - spy unfortunately stuck in the transport tube! Perry hero must get to headquarters and get a new job, having brought water to the steam generator feeding tube shock.

Gempleyer great, incredible graphics, colorful story, interesting job. It's no secret that the water has a different physical state, that each of them you will encounter. Work your way through the mud, hard stones, strong cold ice with water and steam. Great realistic physics game, but with such water is much more interesting.

An incredible invention that adorn gameplay.

Do not lose focus Fufelshmertts evil doctor who prepared many surprises.

1. "Heater" instantly able to do out of the water vapor, and ice water.

2. "Cooler" immediate treatment of water into ice and steam turns into water.

3. "Uveselitel" can absorb water or steam and a little secrets.

Each level represents an excellent opportunity to collect gnomes and try to become a superspy. Try to make every effort in order to find secret items.



Download Where's My Perry? Free apk Free 45.24 MB version 1.4.0

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