A Vampire Romance HD


A Vampire Romance HD - Extended Edition - Meet the incredible game for Android, which grabs you deep into the game a logical process. It is important to note that the game is A Vampire Romance HD entirely in Russian. It is a bright and mysterious plot. Colorful and great graphics will not leave you indifferent. A great, high-quality game.

A Vampire Romance HD - this is a completely new and incredible mysteries, stunning new screens, interesting new items and objects that great new mini - games, interesting new characters, animated interface with improved search main subjects are completely different understanding of the plot, as well as prolonged life .

The incredible story of love
the most romantic city in the world. The young girl
named Leila Saraostre arrived from abroad
historical and
eminent Parisian quarter of Montmartre, to study at the
School of Art Louvre. The city of Paris has to
romantic, and
was an exception, she met a charismatic young man on
Uriel Rutvenom name. And
then there was a surge of love, Uriel introduces its
Paris, showing the most magical parts of this wonderful city. But
- Is
moment and suddenly
mysteriously disappears.

it is the mystery you have to solve. Can a
the game to unlock the full version.

Look forward to an incredible adventure.

Even after suddenly disappeared Uriel, Leila will try to make every effort to find him. Not
take courage to brave girl
dark catacombs. Keep the secret catacombs, which will be very dangerous. Hearing this story, you
able when'll play
first stage of
Leila and
then for

Advice that will be useful to you:

Use the tip, which is called a radiant halo, it
will give you the opportunity to find one of the
objects. Bonus stars that can be found, you will increase the time and
give additional clues.

Stunning scenery, which will decorate the gameplay.

Remember to visit and
see the famous sights of Paris: the subway, the banks of the Seine, Montmartre, the Champs Elysees, the cemetery Pere-Lachaise cemetery, the Trocadero gardens, the catacombs and

To your attention:

1. a large number of game scenes - their 40

2. mini-games on the logic

3. Search Properties

4. Assistance Needed: Scaling the selected screen, a limited number of reloadable clues, bonus asterisk

5. incredible scenery: high resolution images


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