Epic Arena


Epic Arena - addictive game for Android with stunning colorful story. Show your talent, show your strategic opportunities and join the battle with worthy of your players on the global battlefield Epic Arena. Only the strongest will emerge victorious from a difficult fight. Do not leave the enemy no chance you're comfortable with, only victory. Only your persistence and regular improvement of your strategy will bring victory in the difficult battle. Demonstrate leadership skills and only come to victory.

Incredible story, great gameplay, great features, which are supplemented by 3D-graphics and appropriate musical accompaniment. The rules are simple and accessible to a wider audience.

There is a great opportunity to take training to learn those strategies that will lead to victory. Develop your individual strategy and enjoy the gameplay for leadership worldwide.
Enjoy the game at any time, in any place, if only the internet worked, and do not forget about the battle on Facebook.

Epic Arena has features:

1. use their unique abilities of each team, as well as capabilities of each character individually.
2. no restrictions on the combinations, no restrictions on the possibility of winning.
3. Improve your team using SUPERMAP.
4. get involved in an exciting battle with friends and other players completely.
5. improving your strategy in a single game.

Good luck!


Download Epic Arena apk Free 41.95 MB version 1.1.1

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