Beat Rush


Beat Rush - a dynamic game for the android platform from developer Super Mad Games, realized in the genre of the horizontal runner. Some transformation of the genre that made the developer in the project, made the game exciting. The game is somewhat aggressive and unlikely to suit those who do not have patience, but it will help to develop the reaction and to check the limit of possibilities.

Gameplay corresponds to the genre, ie runner, but this game is divided into levels, the level of the passage of which you can see at the top of the screen on a scale with interest. The main character is constantly running forward, and you will not be able to control the speed of its movement. - Your task is time to press the screen to the character jumped, overcoming a large number of obstacles such as spikes, dips lava, rotary saws and much more. The complexity depends on the obstacles. It helps rhythmic soundtrack, terrific chosen developer. The game is characterized by high dynamics.

Collected at the level of a coin, a mandatory attribute of any runner, allow to continue from the last checkpoint, but for this there is an alternative - just view a promotional video, as well as unlock new characters.

The main properties of Beat Rush game:

- Registration in the retro graphics

- Beautiful animation used

- Exceptional sound

- Impressive special effects

- A large number of interesting characters

- Ingenious traps

- For the game do not have to pay

Negative properties Beat Rush game:

- A slight Donat, without which you can do

Summary: free runner, very active, but sometimes sad, which will captivate you for a long time, thanks to the music and special effects.


Download Beat Rush apk Free 33.58 MB version 1.0.6

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