Vector 2


Vector 2 - the second part of the game for the android platform from the developer NEKKI, made in the genre of platforming on parkour. The first part had enormous popularity, which is measured by more than 50 million downloads, and its paid version downloaded nearly half a million people. Let's see if the second part will be able to achieve the same results or even surpass its predecessor.

Compared with the first part of the second it became more perfect. This also applies to graphics and physics, also increased the quantity and quality of the obstacles that make the game more difficult, and therefore more interesting. It runs an ordinary person, quite real, and performing real tricks of parkour. Difficulty increases with each level ..

According to the story line the main character is tested, to get a job in the elite division. To pass the test, and then get a job, you have to pay a certain amount of game money. A certain amount of money you have at the beginning of the game. Do you have something to pay for trying to pass the test. And if you do not pass, you will want to try again, and pay again, and so long as the money does not run out. When the money runs out, you can use the given support and pay real money or wait until again required to accumulate a sum of money for passing the test. Since the game has become more difficult levels contain many dangers and passing them was not easy.

The main properties of the game Vector 2:

- Interesting platformer gameplay

- A good level of complexity

- There is no paid version

Negative characteristics of the game Vector 2:

- Rustic plot (though it's a platformer)

- Donat

- A bit of advertising

Summary: Download an improved and more exciting second part of the game, and if you played the first part, you will easily see the positive changes that make the game better.

Download Vector 2 apk Free 93.84 MB version 0.7.5

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