Apestorm: Full bananas


Apestorm: Full bananas - game for android platform, where you have to perform a noble mission to save earth from the people, destroying the surrounding nature. Monkey stole great big airship, which is equipped with powerful bombs. Your task - to help monkeys, which you will operate the airship, and commanding a crew to drop bombs on the city and other facilities, such as factories, military bases and a high-rise. On the way are various obstacles. You can change the height of the airship flight, so as not to run into obstacles, as well as to refine the trajectory of bombs for a well-aimed hit.

Basic properties Apestorm game: Full bananas:

- Gameplay on 20 exciting levels

- Excellent design quality in graphics

- The opportunity to fight with the strong bosses

- An opportunity to strengthen the airship - nine reinforcements



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