Cows vs sheep: Mower mayhem


Cows vs sheep: Mower mayhem - game for android platform, in which you will manage a rare mower and together with space cows who came to earth to take away the grass from the insidious reason sheep will wreak havoc and destruction. With the mower you will mow the grass everywhere - in parks, meadows, leaving no piece of this valuable resource in the galaxy cunning sheep. By controlling the lawn mower, destroy obstacles, shoot down the garden gnomes.

The main properties of the game Cows vs sheep: Mower mayhem:

- 21 exciting missions to perform

- Characters - sheep and insidious cosmic cow

- Tools - lawn mower, which can improve

- The best results are recorded in the records of the table


Download Cows vs sheep: Mower mayhem apk Free 96.87 MB version 13.0.603

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