Groove Coaster 2


Groove Coaster 2 - cheerful platform game for Android from the developer TAITO Corporation in the arcade genre of music. Groove Coaster 2 - the second part of the acclaimed at the time of the game four years ago, the award-winning weight.

The essence of the game is that in the middle of the screen is a thin line on which the point moves, and the music is playing, calling for action. We must act in times when there is a special point of reaching land. In addition to music and rhythm, the developers added a visualization that complements what is happening on the screen waves and different figures.

In the game there are several levels of difficulty and two modes. At low levels, the degree of difficulty can be controlled with one finger, which is a snap. On a more complex level can manage the whole orchestra, and it is very difficult.

The basic properties of Game Groove Coaster 2:

- A vivid dynamic gameplay filled with music

- More than 800 levels built on the basis of more than 150 music tracks

- Excellent sound and music

- The opportunity to play in two modes, either alone or with friends

- Music tracks are constantly being added

Disadvantages Game Groove Coaster 2:

- The presence of Donati, of course, to unlock the most interesting

Summary: a wonderful representative of the genre, a worthy continuation of the previous section, do not miss it.


Download Groove Coaster 2 apk Free 2.31 MB version 1.0.2

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