Let's Go Rocket


Let's Go Rocket - a game for the Android platform in the genre of the vertical runner from developer ninja kiwi, known in the world of computer entertainment and games "Battle for the Galaxy" and Zombie Assault.

The essence of the game is the following - the search for new land and a new life in space, people have created and launched a missile which you have to fly, overcoming various obstacles Galactic, which rotate, fly in a horizontal plane, and your move only upwards, and others. The ability to move sideways completely absent, but you can turn on and turn off the engine, thus making braking to help you fly the obstacles are not confronted with them, because any collision leads to the end of the game. In this case will be determined by your result, ie Count how many crystals you have collected during the flight. Its results can be compared with the results of other players. For a sufficient number of crystals you can buy another rocket that will change the environment.

Key features of the game Let's Go Rocket:

- Fun, but fairly simple gameplay

- Suitable for both adults and children

- A lot of missiles, changing environment

- Easy and intuitive

- Does not require Internet access

- Download free

Negative characteristics of the game Let's Go Rocket:

- Availability unpretentious Donat

- The presence of non-intrusive advertising

- It does not work properly on some devices

- There is no possibility to move left or right

Summary: The game is quite decent, especially appeal to those users who just need to kill some time.


Download Let's Go Rocket apk Free 37.9 MB version 1.02

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