Chuck vs Zombies


Chuck vs Zombies - a game in the genre of classic platformers for the android, in which you become a member of confrontation zombies and Chuck Norris.

Apocalypse and its consequences - quite a hackneyed subject, but in this case brings a fresh approach is what the main character, who must survive in these circumstances, it is Chuck Norris. His deadly virus or does not take any bites are not afraid of a zombie. It was he, so invincible, must fulfill the sacred mission to save the world.

At each level, moving to the right, you need to fend off the enemy, who attacked from two sides. Enemies - a zombie, to combat which should be used and the hands and feet, and virus-infected cats and dogs, which need to kicking. Then there and weapons to repel attacks. But to pass the levels will not work perfectly, so resisting and breaking through levels, you personally make sure bravery of Chuck Norris and his ability to lead the fight against evil.

Key features of the game Chuck vs Zombies:

- A large number of levels

- Chuck Norris - the protagonist

- The perfect musical accompaniment

- Animation with a good sense of humor

- For the game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Chuck vs Zombies:

- The presence of Donati

- Not everyone will like the sound of zombies and bumps

- Challenging gameplay is characterized by monotony

Summary: a great opportunity to have fun to kill time, especially if you're a fan of Chuck Norris.

Download Chuck vs Zombies apk Free 11.58 MB version 1.1

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