Hard jumper 3D


Hard jumper 3D - action game for the Android platform offers a small yellow cube management, training, and improve their reaction. By controlling the cube, you have to hold it on the road full of a large number of different obstacles and traps, and to achieve high results. There are two ways to control the cube - to change the track on which it is moving, and cause the cube to jump. Changing the path of one of the two control buttons, you will successfully avoid obstacles and making a cube jumping with the second button, you will overcome the gap and jump on the platform. The number of points depends on how far down the road you will be able to hold the cube.

Key features of the game Hard jumper 3D:

· Addictive gameplay

· Excellent graphics in the style of minimalism

· Easy operation

· The results are placed in the table of records

Download Hard jumper 3D apk Free 13.86 MB version 1.0.7

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