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The Firm - game for android platform offers to move up the career ladder in the company, which is engaged in the purchase - sale of shares, faced with bureaucratic routine.

Unfortunately, the game has no relation to the second book, which was a wonderful movie. The game is a story of a little clerk, who came in a large company pants sit, so the job is waiting for you, quite frankly, for an amateur. You will become a trader in the stock market and will be able to gain practical experience, how to make money out of nothing.

Way up the career ladder is long and thorny. On its first stage you have to work with papers, simply parse stack of papers. Paper divided into two types. For one type of paper are showing an increase in corporate profits, the second - the paper, speaking about the reverse situation, ie, a decrease in profits. If the reports of the company are at the first sight, you should buy its shares and expect to further enhance their value, if the second, it is better to sell shares in the company. This is the basis for transactions. In addition to these kinds of papers, documents will be signed. Thus, control is that the incoming documents based on their content decomposed in one of the three stacks. Of course, this work quickly tired of b, if not for the speed with which new documents arrive. Will not be bored, because in a hurry you start to make mistakes and lose. And if you're careful, it will lead to increased profits. With the money you can buy power-ups for even more profit growth.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game The Firm:

· High Speed ​​require you care

Easy Management

· Pixel graphics in the style of 8-bit creates a good impression

Negative characteristics of the game The Firm:

· Paid game, its cost a little more than a dollar

Summary: if you want to find a second job? No problem! It's cheaper than a ticket for the bus to get to the interview. So if you do not mind squandering a dollar and a huge stack of papers - go for it!


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