Fallen Souls


Fallen Souls - role-playing game for the android platform invites you to a world of fantasy and to take part in rather simple battle with the dark forces on a single playing field.

As in other similar games, you have to choose which category applies to your character - whether he is a man or a dead orc. Each category contains three types of fighters: warrior - for lovers of violence, Archer - for supporters of speed and agility, and magician. Everything, as in others. Each character has certain properties, but the storyline is the same for all, so choose a character to which you are accustomed to, if you played similar games. If the game Fallen Souls is so similar to other games of this genre, what can give her a competitive advantage, stand out from the masses? The game becomes interesting for many users, not only because of high quality beautiful graphics and well thought-out plot, but also support online mode, in which there is PvP battles and the ability to take different dungeons together with your friends and other contributors.

The gameplay of the game is built so that by visiting different cities, you will enter into contact with a lot of NPC, which will offer you to perform certain missions. Role-playing games involve pumping and outfit of the hero, production of many useful things. Fallen Souls game is no exception. You also have the opportunity to choose from a small number of special attack.

Negative characteristics of the game Fallen Souls:

· Powerful Donat, which applies to almost all elements of the game

· There is no translation from English into other languages, which complicates the perception of the story

· Combat mechanics - fights happen without your participation, you can not affect the outcome of the battle, using his strategy and tactics

Summary: Fallen Souls game is not much different from similar games of the genre. It is characterized by simplicity of perception and management. Virtually all role-playing games for android platform contain Donat and beautiful graphics and a fascinating story can become those distinctive properties for which no pity to pay.


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