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Umi - a game made ​​in the genre on the Android platform runner. Unfortunately, in the world of entertainment, whether it is a movie, show business, computer games, is very low down the boundaries of good. Anything beyond this boundary, it is impossible to watch. But people lately like trash, and this trend can not be called positive. It happens that the curve made by a runner is more popular than a good game worthy of all the attention.

Game Umi has many shortcomings, firstly, it is completely unintelligible, and secondly, the presence of some of the plot (if you can call it that) does not help, and thirdly, the game ugly graphics, and then, quite unclear who is the developer of this "masterpiece". Among other things, the game is paid.

Let's start with the latter. The question arises, if the developer - a newcomer to the market of computer entertainment, and only tries himself in computer games, why is it not a very good product offering for the money, however small (one dollar), but all the money?

Why the game is stupid? Because it is meaningless. The main character - a seagull, which goes on a journey, but where - it is difficult to determine, because the background surface, and only the black lava. Here and find out what it is - whether our planet Earth after some events, or another, very strange planet. This gull, the protagonist, is able to use a sword and shoot a firearm that does not make much sense for the platform runner.

As for the graphics. In the market there are plenty of gaming products with a hand drawing. This is a work of art, not otherwise. In this game, the developers declare that the graphics are drawn, and contains elements of manual labor, but it looks as if it drew students from elementary school. The background does not change, and it is not just annoying, but begins to oppress.

Due to the fact that the game is a runner, no purpose, just need to go ahead and try to survive as long as possible. At each new entry you have 3 lives, which can slightly extend your existence. Soundtrack, performed in the style of 8-bit is consistent with the game.

Resume. Of course, for many the dollar - it's not the money, if you pay for the pleasure, and pleasure is very doubtful, but to solve all the same to you.


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