Boomerang Chang


Boomerang Chang - a good game on Android. Probably, it is difficult to repel the attacks of flying enemies, armed with only a boomerang. Your hero - just such a brave adventurer, so you should help him destroy as many enemies. Enemies from all sides attacking your character standing on top of a hill. Need to aim well to get a boomerang enemy. The difficulty lies in the fact that a lot of enemies, they quickly attack, trying to get to the brave, besides most of them flying at different altitudes. And our brave can only jump and throw a boomerang, but this is enough to defeat the enemies, if you have the experience and skill.

The main properties of the game Boomerang Chang:

· Interesting gameplay that can take you over the whole

· Large number of flying enemies

· Statistics achievements and leaderboards

· Excellent graphics and easy control


Download Boomerang Chang apk Free 6.08 MB version 1.0

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