Sandstorm - a good game for Android, is made ​​in the genre, very similar to the genre Tower Defense (TD). Your function will be as follows - defend your base, reflecting the attacks of the enemy, to rescue the hostages. During then, and will come in handy super-tank, which you'll manage. In addition to the tank, to protect the base you have nothing and no one would be: no other military equipment or detachment of soldiers, only you against a large number of enemies.

Due to lack of plot to understand and explain why there is so and not otherwise, it is impossible, but you will be able to move from level to level, which in the game for nearly fifty, and get the job required.

Picture areas where you have to perform tasks, rather limited, so you will not be difficult to study it yourself and decide at what point do better ambush, and where better to conduct combat operations that take place both day and night. When the battle takes place at night, the picture becomes a gray-blue. We can say that the enemy is sufficient to ensure the gameplay, there are eight species.

As in other games of the genre TD you have the opportunity to improve your tank, thereby increasing their chances of passing the job and level. In addition, improving your tank, you get the ability to use super-weapon with which to defeat the enemy.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Sandstorm:

· Classic graphics in 2D technology

· The traditional gameplay

· Fifty levels, four difficulty levels

· Opportunities to improve the tank

· Eight kinds of enemies

· Conventional weapons four species

· The ability to use weapons of mass destruction - five types of such weapons

· Day and night

· Lack of Donata

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Sandstorm:

· The game is pretty simple

· A long time does not carry

Summary: The format for the Old School (old school), the game is quite interesting. She particularly liked the fans of the genre and fans fight on all tanks.

Download and enjoy!

Download Sandstorm apk Free 16.24 MB version 1.0

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