Do not Tap The White Tile


Do not Tap The White Tile - great music game on Android, analogue Piano Tile platform iOS, you probably met. Is hard to imagine what level of the game has grown in popularity, the number of its downloads on iOS and Android has already exceeded 160 million. Lovers of music games becoming more and it can not but rejoice! The game is very fun, so she has so many fans.

The concept is simple, and the essence of the game is very simple and is reflected in the title. In English - do not press the white keys. With each level of complexity increases, and press the white keys is becoming more and more difficult, because the speed increases, and is constantly changing layout.

The principle of the game is a bit like a runner, because the main your goal is to survive as long as possible and score points as much as possible. Number of points, by the way, you can brag to your friends, but at the same time to check whether you get more points. In pursuit of the points you are guaranteed a very fun.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Do not Tap The White Tile:

· Affordable even for a child gameplay

· Is in ratings of social networks and is a proud participant stamp from google

· Beautiful design with a large number of colors

· Graphics optimized for virtually any screen

· Measured animation

· Nice and beautiful accompaniment

· The opportunity to customize your game play list

· Support almost thirty modes

· Game is absolutely free

Negative characteristics of the game Do not Tap The White Tile:

· Are not defined, but someone may seem complicated enough

Summary: The game is recommended for all music lovers, especially fans of piano music, because music is an amazing game that will satisfy your desire to just play without Donati, no problem.


Download Do not Tap The White Tile apk Free 6.84 MB version 2.3.1

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