Angry Birds Transformers


Angry Birds and Transformers - cool game on Android. This symbiosis has not yet seen the computer game! Obtain the energy egg, robots are attacking Yaytsebotami and beastly island! Stop them can only avtoptitsy. What is avtoptitsa? This bird alien robot.

In the role of Optimus Prime - Ed, as Bumblebee - Chuck, with the other actors, members of the team of heroes, you will be able to meet you, download the game. It should be noted that they are now armed with lasers and can be converted into the machine. The characters appeared arms and legs. Wonderful!

But what can Yaytseptitsy alone! To save beastly island they will have to learn to work in a team, which you need to unite with their old foes Svineptikonami. And here arises the eternal philosophical question - can the eternal enemies to unite against a common enemy, forgetting past differences?

The advantages of the game is the fact that it is free, but it contains some optional premium items.

you need to collect all the goodies and the baddies who have the ability to attack and other abilities. To assemble, they must be unlocked.

• using the guns need to produce destructive actions.

• to save from danger can be converted into a car, truck, tank, plane.

• You can upgrade each transformer, earning new weapons.

• smash everything to pieces you can help another character.

• scan the TELEPODS ™, you can unlock, revitalize and improve existing characters.


Download Angry Birds Transformers apk Free 39.65 MB version 1.1.25

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