Marine's World


Marine's World - a good game for Android, looks like a copy of Mario. It is easy to copy the idea and means of implementing the game, it is difficult to perform better than the original copy. In this case, the superiority can not speak, but in general, the game can compete Leps World, which is the undisputed leader in the number of downloads, and Mike's World, the popularity of which is significantly lower.

The novelty of the game does not shine. As in all runners must run on the platforms, collecting coins along the way, break bricks, pass through the pipes, jump the chasm and jump on trampolines. At each level, you lie in wait two or three kinds of monsters to be avoided. After completing each level, by the way, at the time, which is enough, you pick up the flag and go to the next level.

The game is made in a simple hand-drawn, but at the same time, high-quality graphics. Actors and the environment look very attractive, which leaves a pleasant impression. Uncomplicated controls make gameplay simple and comfortable.

The basic properties of the game Marine's World:

· There are three different world to pass

· A large number of levels (75)

· Easy operation

· Decent graphics and animation

· Good sound

· Do not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Marine's World:

· Rapid passage levels because of the simplicity of the gameplay

· Abundance of advertising

· It is practically impossible to beat a good original copy

Summary: I must say that despite the fact that it's still a copy of the game worthy, performed at a high level of quality and can compete with other similar games of this genre.

Download and enjoy the game!


Download Marine's World apk Free 8.56 MB version 1.0.2

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