Octagon - an interesting puzzle game for Android. I remember a couple of decades ago, fans of computer entertainment for a long time sat up on the same game in the first place, because there was not much choice, and secondly, the games were a little more complicated and in order to pass all the levels, it was necessary to sweat. Today a couple of days, you can overcome any game. Octagon - an attempt to halt this decline.

Uncomplicated, even some outdated graphics, though not in her nature. For angular and not round, as is customary, the ball you need to choose the route of randomly drawing lines on a background devoid of any meaning pictures.

The department provides only three positions: rotation of the plane to the right, turn left and 180 degrees.

You will have to spend more than one day to pave the way for a suitable ball, and every day to make the right choice will be harder. But that's the beauty of these puzzles!

Positive qualities of the game Octagon:

· Everything is clear and legible

· Game has two modes

· No limit the number of levels, they are generated randomly

· Unfussy graphics, though differing quality

· No Donat

· Count of charge!

Negative game quality Octagon:

· Sometimes difficulty level beyond comprehension

· Some uniformity levels, which can bore

· Uncharacteristic monotony soundtrack from Sqeepo

Summary: a good game for a couple of days, then most likely get bored, because dry the brains. In general, download this game, if you want a bit of trouble over that need to smash his head.


Download Octagon apk Free 18.06 MB version 1.1.4

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