Dragon Of Samurai


Dragon Of Samurai - if, judging by the interest in the calling name, do you think that is a fascinating game, characterized by originality, you are mistaken. This is a trivial runner on Android, which many made using 2D technology. Will run from left to right. In the story, you - the samurai, who defends his master, who is attacked by enemies, threatening his quiet comfortable life.

It should be noted that the gameplay is the same variety. Quite pessimistic picture looks gray and uneven quality, which made heroes and background. Movement heroes are very basic, as if it's not a modern game, and antediluvian. What's good - it's a large number of enemies.

Running to earn bonuses, their absence or reduction can be challenging. Bonus amount may be reduced if you do not jump over the boiler. Another kind of obstacles in your way - it's detractors, who should slay with the sword. Incessant running endurance, since there is no ultimate goal.

Advantages of the product Dragon Of Samurai:

· Uncomplicated game

· Many types of enemy

· A regular runner

· All free!

Disadvantages of the product Dragon Of Samurai:

· Schedule so so

· Storyline could be interesting

· The lack of diversity

· Advertising advertising!

· Long play bored

Bottom line: I enjoy just aimlessly run? Run. Be the samurai, but be prepared for the fact that the graphics you will hardly satisfy fully and most likely you will not find something new and original.


Download Dragon Of Samurai apk Free 17.62 MB version 1.2

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