Running Quest


Running Quest - a good runner on the Android. Stand out among the many games on one genre is difficult. So in this case, the developers runner Running Quest failed to give the product a distinctive properties. Advantage of the game can be called the Middle Ages, a time in which the action takes place at a stretch is taken for the plot. And the essence of the game is that you have to catch the thief who stole from the lock object of worship all over the kingdom, and so as not to get caught up, let the run on the roofs and walls of a medieval castle.

Unfortunately for you, a place for clever little action, as the castle walls are narrow and are not as wide as it is accepted in the image of medieval castles. And the diversity of action for you provided is not too much, just five: 1) jumping over obstacles, such as a fire pit, and other .; 2) waving a sword to repel attacks on foot or horse (horse on the walls of the castle !? Cool!) Enemies. Wag failed, and the end of the game; 3) tackles, allowing to overcome the low parts of the route; 4) turns. If your character does not fit into a 90, then it will collapse from the wall; 5) the collection of money - what a runner without the accumulation of coins. With the deepening of action arises more obstacles, frequent death.

On the other characteristics of the game: graphics could be much better, uninteresting landscape sketches, which also does not do credit to the developers. The physics of it is not worth to say, because of its absence - the picture itself, the character itself. It should also be noted the monotony of the game.

The main characteristics of the game Running Quest:

• race in the Middle Ages

• Two actors

• You can collect different outfit, get some skills

• storyline unfolds in several worlds

• Statistics Online

• satisfactory music

• for the game does not have to pay!

Disadvantages games Running Quest:

• have Donat, but for what?

• sparse graph

• virtually no physics and mechanics

• monotone and uninteresting

• control is not modified

Summary: monotonous game with blocky characters may not be attractive to the consumer.


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