100 Candy Balls


100 Candy Balls - good toy for Android, without complex and intricate story lines. The plot develops in a candy factory, where you have to come up with new goodies. But it is interesting that it does not affect the gameplay, including its understanding.

The meaning of the game is simple: sweet cycle beads. In
You will find a jar of
narrow neck and bottom
of the neck and get enough sleep
on top of their
backfilled balls. Spinning around banks glasses in
You throw, pulling a
lever balls. Once your glass will be held half way and
at the top of it
turn over and
balls again in the fall
jar. Thus, and
will cycle beads. Balls can sleep and
past, therefore
number will decrease, well
if the game you capture, the
You will feel and
deficit glasses.

That this is the plot of the game.

100 Candy Balls has pluses:

- The game is available in the understanding and management of

- Wonderful music and harmonious sound of balls

- Great Balls

- The game is absolutely free for download

There are minor drawbacks: Donut appears when it is absolutely not appropriate, although it can not be seen; a little boring, but in order to take himself to be - in the queue, what you need; may be weary of their monotony.

To summarize we can say that you can play, but how much you have enough, it's up to you.


Download 100 Candy Balls apk Free 8.41 MB version 1.11

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