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Telegram - very bystrodeystvennoe, easy to use, safe and, most importantly, a free app for Android for sending all sorts of messages.

The application allows you to send unlimited number of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (DOC, ZIP, pdf and others). Appendix Telegram formed groups up to 200 people. It is easily synchronized and can be installed on desktop PCs, and mobile devices such as tablets and phones,

It is clear that you are sending messages, and so, the question arises why it needs to use the application Telegram? There are several reasons that may cause this transition:

1. Speed. At present, the application Telegram recognized as the fastest among similar products. It uses an advanced infrastructure with data centers located around the world, so it can connect users to the nearest server.

2. Safety. In order to best protect the messaging application process strongly encrypts all data.

3. Reliability. Appendix Telegram is the most reliable messaging system. It works even the weakest mobile communication devices.

4. «Cloud Storage». Your information will not be lost, as the history of your message free of charge stored in the "cloud", but due to timing, you can always get secure access to their data.

5. The group chat and exchange. Since the application supports the ability to create groups of up to 200 people, and group chats can cover up to 200 participants. It is possible to send broadcast up to 100 contacts, quickly share large files of video, documents in the format DOC, PPT, ZIP, etc., to send unlimited number of photos.

6. Pricing Policy. 100% free of charge and without advertising. Telegram free and always will be free of charge.

7. Advertising. The app does not contain ads, and developers declare its absence in the future, as well as declare no subscription fees, both now and in the future.

8. Confidentiality. Application ensures that no third party access to your information, and for those who are interested in maximum privacy, it offers Secret Chats (Secret Logic). What is the "secret chat"? Posts in such chat rooms on both devices participating in the chat can be programmed to automatically self-destruct and thus disappears everything you send: messages, photos, video, files. Besides the "secret chats" use encryption for messages to read it could only recipient.


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