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Platform Overview Android L - Meet and get to know the Android L, we present you a detailed introduction to the new version of the mobile operating system from Google, Android L.

We have long heard about the massive update to version 5.0. And by the presentation agreed that the new version will be named Lollipop, lollipop indicating.

Presentation of the Google I / O 2014 has opened before us Android L. The name already tells us how it is presented to us: the plane and minimalism new OSes. It is impossible not to notice that this year Google has walked the path of Apple, revealing a preview version of the firmware, but what is already an official release will take place before the end of this year, as well as IOS 8. It's safe to come to the conclusion that it is better to release a stable version and satisfy customers than to release a few not very successful updates.

With the shown video you will find on all the new features that are available in the first preview version for developers.

Will surprise you a whole new interface, you have not seen before, and design elements are flatter, but the shadows make the three-dimensional appearance. And you find that icon floating in the air.

Lock screen supports notifications, with which you can interact with, they are what - something similar to the cards of Google Now. To unlock your device, you need to swipe up, and for a quick call you need to hold your finger on the left side of the screen. Already familiar quick access to the camera, it is also available from the right-hand side swipe. Here is a nice simplified unlock procedure that allows you to add a personal mode without a password, for example, if you are at home.

Unlocked and immediately see the wonderful new icons bottom panel because as icons instead of the already familiar geometric shapes are located there, of course it is not for everybody, but it looks very good.

It is interesting to see the menu of running applications, because each application has its own large window between which it is possible to quickly switch scrolling, and already you do not need to close as before swipe. You may recall the very design of multi-tasking mobile browser bookmarks from Chrome.

It is important to note that in the new version of Google's operating system and could have paid attention to the autonomy of the gadgets by function Battery Saver, which is able to optimize the performance of the battery and work processes, devices for Android L having the opportunity to extend the work longer, on average, 90 minutes.

You will also be pleasantly surprised by the setup menu, which has acquired a completely new design, made into flat design in white, well, old items.

Speaking of notifications curtain, starting with version 4.2.2, which was a double, but now the notification and quick settings are combined into a single unit.

Up already has a brand new flat design matching Android L.

Android L works perfectly, is faster and much more stable than previous versions and it is thanks to the regime ART. There is better used memory and is fully compatible with 64-bit processors. Slight drawback: applications take up more space on a mobile device.

I would like to emphasize the fact that this is only the first assembly and the time of release, promised in the fall, things can still change, so we can recommend you subscribe to the feed so that you do not miss an overview of the updates.

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