Bully: Anniversary edition

Game Shooting shooter ported third-person shooter


Bully: Anniversary edition  - a game for the android platform in which you have to help a teenager find his place among the students of the Bulworth Academy. Together with Jimmy Hopkins, the protagonist of the game, you will attend classes, participate in fights, commit acts of vandalism and more. The main character should study at a private boarding school, and your task is to help Jimmy spend the school year with benefit. There is a war between school groups in which you have to take part. Once in the ring, send your opponents to the knockout, and using the slingshot, defeat the hooligans, organize traps for students and teachers, and also manage to escape from teachers and wardens who keep order.

Key features of the game Bully: Anniversary edition:

  • gameplay is built on an interesting plot

  • excellent design in high-quality graphics

  • convenient and clear control

  • the ability to play mini-games

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